AJ Design

About Us


AJ Design is a product design consultancy based in Saddleworth near Manchester, centrally located to service clients around the UK.


A combination of engineering backround, Industrial design qualifications and over thirty years experience has given AJ Design the skills to work on a diverse range of products including medical, industrial, electronics and consumer.


AJ Designs reputation is built on the ability to offer a very practical approach to product design and development, right from the outset each stage of the design process is considered and a plan of action is drawn up so that all parties understand the design process, what delivery dates should be met and what deliverables are expected.



It is important that all parties work as a team towards the same goal, initially parties may have differing viewpoints and it can be the designers role to listen to all sides and impartially prepare sketch ideas for discussion and clarification of thoughts. AJ Designs initial role therefore can be to act as a sounding board and to help bring everyones ideas into a cohesive design specification.


It is equally important that finances are understood from an early stage, not only for tooling and likely manufacturing costs. To ensure that targets can be met a value analysis stage can be undertaken when preliminary concepts are produced so that budget tooling and manufacturing costs can be obtained. Armed with the knowledge that the project is affordable the design process can continue with confidence.